Veteran Benefits

Honoring Those That Served

For the Veterans we serve in our community, we go to great lengths to provide Honors and Rites to show our love for those that have served our country.

These Honors include ordering Military Markers for the families of the veterans and talking with State/Local Veterans Organizations for Honors Teams and Taps for memorial and cemetery services. We also work to provide a Burial Flag through the United States Government. Upon request, we contact organizations such as the Patriot Guard to help with the procession to the cemetery and to assist during services. Hidden Valley staff also contacts National Cemeteries to arrange burial for the veterans that we serve.

Arranging these veteran benefits for our deceased is a privilege for our staff. Services for Veterans will be carried forward with dignity and honor for which they deserve.

To help us fully honor your loved one and obtain the veteran benefits they deserve, our staff will need a copy of the veteran’s discharge papers.

Outline of Veteran Benefits


The Government of the United States honors eligible veterans with a variety of death and burial benefits, from assisting with funeral costs to honoring our veterans with Presidential Certificates, Burial Flags, and Military Honors.

US Navy 040316-N-3560G-017 The Ceremonial Unit assigned to Naval Air Station Lemoore renders full honors at a military funeral at San Joaquin National Cemetery, Gustine, Calif by U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Ronald Gutridge. This is one of the Veteran Benefits offered by the U.S. Federal Government.

Some of the Veteran Benefits may include:

  • Burial in a National Cemetery, including perpetual care, a Government headstone or marker, a Burial Flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate.
  • Burial in a private cemetery, including a Government headstone or marker, a burial flag, a Presidential Memorial Certificate and may include a burial allowance.
  • The Department of Defense provides Military Funeral Honors upon a family’s request.

Another way to honor your deceased Veteran

Many of the National Cemeteries have an Avenue of Flags, which consist of burial flags donated by the families of deceased Veterans. On Patriotic Holidays and special occasions, the avenue is lined with these donated flags and provide a unique, visible tribute to all of our Nation’s Veterans.

If you choose to donate your Burial Flag to a National Cemetery of your choice, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for providing your loved one’s burial flag to a national cemetery.

Veteran Benefits Resources

We have experience in obtaining these Veteran Benefits for our families.

Let us help you honor the service your veteran provided to our country.

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