A death has occurred. What should I do as a loved one?

A:  What to do first depends on the circumstances of the death. When someone dies in a hospital or similar care facility, the staff will usually take care of some arrangements, such as contacting the funeral home you choose, and if necessary, arranging an autopsy. Whatever the circumstances of death, one of your first calls should be to a licensed funeral director.

What if a death is imminent?

A:  The best action to take is to either call or stop by the funeral home. We can help prepare you for the steps you will have to take. Let us put your mind at ease about the funeral plans and allow you to concentrate on spending time with your loved one.

What services does Hidden Valley Funeral Home provide to assist me?

A: Hidden Valley Funeral Home offers many services to help you in your time of need. To make this process as easy on you as possible, we offer assist you with the following services:

  • transport the body
  • obtain a death certificate
  • casket, urn and/or grave marker selection and resource
  • arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service
  • prepare the obituary
  • offer grief support and provide you with other trusted resources
Should I notify my loved one's employer?

A: If your loved one was working, you’ll need to call his or her employer immediately. Ask about the deceased’s benefits and any pay due, including vacation or sick time, disability income, etc. Ask if you or other dependents are still eligible for benefit coverage through the company. Ask whether there is a life insurance policy through the employer, who the beneficiary is and how to file a claim.

How do I pre-plan my own funeral?

A:  By planning ahead, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes are on file at Hidden Valley Funeral Home. By pre-funding your funeral, financial worry can be spared by paying for your funeral at today’s prices. Come in any time and visit with us to discuss questions you might have about planning ahead. If you have already pre-planned and pre-funded your funeral at another funeral home and wish for us to handle your services, all you need to do is contact us. We will take care of handling all the paperwork involved with the transition at no cost to you. We never use high pressure sales tactics. Our only goal is to help you make plans for the future which make sense to you. When the time is right to sit down and make plans we are here to help. Just give us a call. We offer 0% financing on most pre-arranged funeral plans.

Why should I pre-plan my arrangements?

A: In addition to the financial benefits of pre-funding your arrangements, pre-planned funerals, whether for yourself or a loved one, takes a burden off the survivors during their time of grief, allows for a personalized, meaningful ceremony that helps family and friends begin the healing process of mourning, and helps secure details that might be forgotten during the grieving process.

What should I do about any Life Insurance policies?

A: Look through the deceased’s paperwork for the life insurance policy. Call the agent or the company and ask how to file a claim. Usually the beneficiary (or the beneficiary’s guardian, if a minor) must complete the claim forms and related paperwork. Remember to ask about payment options: You may have a choice between receiving a lump sum or the having the insurance company place the money in an interest-bearing account from which you can write checks.

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